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A History of Reliability


Everett Electronics is a leader in the smart card system for labor management, providing effective solutions to major manufacturing organizations throughout China.


Everett Electronics is a wholly owned subsiderary of Grace Everett Co. Ltd. which was founded in 1978 in Hong Kong, and has delivered Everett Electronics smart card systems to many of the largest organizations in the China. From access control, time attendance, and meal plan management, our solutions have consistently helped clients to increase productivity and reduce costs.


A technology pioneer, Everett Electronic offers powerful software and reliable hardware to effectively address your labor management needs. Our clock-punch matching technology offers versatility and is powerful enough to handle even the most complicated factory requirements.


Our commitment to quality and many years of experience have given us in-depth industry knowledge, which we use to bring you solutions that truly meet your needs.


Because our systems are highly scalable, they are especially suited to organizations which need labor management solutions that can support them as they grow. Everett Electronics has always strived to deliver customized solutions that enhance their productivity and help them grow.


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